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" I tried them at White Light Night at my girlfriend's suggestion. I'm no baker, but I know a good cookie when I taste one. This exeeds that. These cookies were an amazingly creative combination of flavors and textures. Not being a huge chocolate, vanilla, caramel kind of guy, I was pleasantly surprised by the explosion of unique flavors the literal instant that it hit my tongue. The lime, lemon and orange are all tastefully tart thanks to zested and juiced frosting that is on top. While I could have just eaten the frosting and been perfectly content, the cookie itself is a thing of beauty. There's subtle crispness to the outside that opens the doors to the soft, velvety interior of these delicious cookies. All-in-all, they were good enough for me to sit down and review even though I rarely review in general. These cookies deserve to be shared with everyone."  

Lucas B.

Naked Cookie Rounds.jpg

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